Ministering To Your Soul (Poetry): All royalties will go to Faith In God Ministries, viagra order Inc.


Father thank you for blessing us with eyes into a hope that’s certain,

devoting our hearts and minds into a future that’s not foreseen,

but  giving us attitudes of beliefs in our visions and dreams into

valuable purposes, disciplining all things intended to manifest supernatural powers and miracles to follow, if through trust and faith we believe all things are perceivable, attainable, and devisable, we can call them into being, knowing hope is faith into the unseen,

but it takes a heart of patience to redeem.

Books Published

My Angelic Journey


My Angelic Journey (bibliography):

A powerful firsthand testimony into the life of a sinner who after receiving a call from God, walked from a life of darkness into one of glorious light.


Each day as we awake to daily challenges, we experience a greatness that once blinded our countenance, when ears were deprived of attentiveness to his word, the month spoke things displeasing, and when the mind focus was disturbed and un-encouraged, but now as you take a moment to reflect the journey, how fortunate it is to have overcome with strength to stand firm on the path, secured, delivered and girded for God’s sake. There is no mistake that every challenge allowed is just a hiccup closer to the gate.

Seek and know where it reveals these words are sealed.

Pastor Patricia Kinard

Phrases of Wisdom

The significance of your presence and support continues to allow this organization to successfully reach our goals:

“Love doesn’t always look for an answer; it is the answer a reflection of you”

“Kindness never waits on time, it seizes the moments just as you”

“Commitment and dedication are only a few, but many are the gifts attached to you”

“Friends are a treasure never to be measured; it follows you in leaps and bounds”

“Encouraging words, support, and love surfaces everywhere your foot treads”

“Mentoring is a gift given to few, thank God he chose you with wisdom to follow through”

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, when looking through it, I see the blessings from you through it all”

“The nurturing love of a giving spirit is a hard act to follow, but it accommodates itself in you”

“A giving heart is a gift of love that shows the greatest command lives in you”

“There is a light of grace that follows you, humbling its way in all you do”

Pastor Patricia Kinard